The Magic Lamp

A good story is a magic lamp: instead of releasing a genie, it releases young readers’ imaginations, delight and sense of wonder. It promises to enrich the way they see life and see themselves. With special emphasis on folk and fairy tales, this blog explores the mind-expanding, life-enriching benefits of stories.

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Feeling Like A Kid, Part 1

What does it actually feel like to be a kid? Jerry Griswold, director of the National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature, has written an insightful little book that helps us with that. It’s called Feeling Like A Kid. Griswold says there are five themes that...

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Something Beautiful

“There is something quite beautiful about a life.” That may seem like an obvious statement. (It comes from James Hillman’s book, The Soul’s Code, which I quoted in our last post.) But it’s worth reflecting on. Do you regard your life as a thing of beauty? How about...

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Izzy’s Impossible Adventure, Excerpt #5

    Izzy’s Impossible Adventure Excerpt #5: Chapters 41-THE END Geoffery Alan Moore       Chapter Forty-one “Black, black, black, black, black!”               While the bugs were cleaning up at the edge of the pond, a duck paddled in their direction,...

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Izzy’s impossible Adventure, Excerpt #2

Izzy’s Impossible Adventure Excerpt #2: Chapters 10-21 Geoffery Moore     PART TWO JULY 1-2   Chapter Ten A Shudder In The Udder   “Moooove it! Moooove it! Get away you pesky, impolite, impertinent, infuriating, inconsiderate pest!” It was a cool, early...

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