Author: Geoffery Alan Moore, Illustrator: Heather Bousquet

Ages 8-12, 238 pages, Published June 4, 2020


A Lost Hippo

A Poetry-Spouting Parrot

And the Quest for the Wow


When Moxie the elephant finds a baby hippo alone in the jungle, she has no idea what it is: She’s never seen a hippo before. But she does know that a baby needs a mother, so she takes him back to her home on the savanna.

But the other animals on the savanna have never seen a hippo either, so they are skeptical about this strange beast. Scab the camel thinks he should be sent back to the jungle, but Moxie squelches this idea.

When Hodgepodge is a little older, Moxie finally tells him the story of how she found him alone in the jungle. Hodgepodge wants to go into the jungle to find his original mother, but it’s not allowed: too dangerous. Then Hodgepodge has a very strange dream that convinces him he is supposed to learn how to fly so he can fly over the jungle and find his original mother.

As Hodgepodge keeps trying to learn how to fly and keeps crashing into things, this gets him into so much trouble that Scab talks the other animals into banishing him from the savanna—without Moxie’s knowledge.

Now, Hodgepodge must make a frightening journey back through the jungle to look for his original mother and look for the “place just right” he dreamed about. That’s when he meets Krakatoa, a philosophical, poetry-spouting parrot who offers to be his guide.

Together, they will have to face a gang of outraged orangutans, a huge boa constrictor, a vicious Komodo dragon, hungry laughing hyenas, and much more. If Hodgepodge is to survive, he’ll have to find his roar and learn how to listen to his own inner Wow.

The Tale of Hodgepodge is a funny, page-turning, heart-lifting story about finding friendship, courage and self-confidence—in the jungle, of all places. Hodgepodge learns how to survive scary times and deal with negative emotions like fear, rejection, loneliness, and failure to become the “me” he always wished he could be.

It’s a story about the things that can go right even when everything goes wrong—a reassuring tale for our times.




Author, Geoffery Alan Moore

Living Conversation Books, Ages 7-11, Fall, 2020


He’s spunky, He’s adventurous,

He wants to save the world.

There’s just one problem …

He’s a mosquito!


Izzy Mosquito dreams of going on adventures and righting the wrongs of the world, but everyone thinks he’s just an annoying pest. And, in fact, Izzy’s father insists that he stick to pestering animals and quit dreaming of being a big hero.

Then war breaks out between the barnyard animals and the mosquitoes and Izzy discovers a bizarre plot that endangers the life of his own family and his beloved sister Lizzy.

To make matters worse, Colonel Rancor, the cruel and ambitious head mosquito at the Bite & Pester Boot Camp, had declared Izzy a traitor and gotten him banished from the tribe! If Izzy shows his proboscis, they will cut off his antennae!

Izzy’s grandmother, Gitche Manito Mosquito, tells Izzy that it’s up to him to stop the war and save his family and even save Pickle Pond Farm from bankruptcy. But he has no idea how to do any of this and he only has one day!

Plus, he’ll need lots of help from the very same barnyard animals who would rather swat him than look at him.

Izzy’s Impossible Adventure is the laugh-filled, action-packed story of a little bug who faces very big problems and discovers that he has something even bigger: a big heart.


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