Geoffery Alan Moore


My name, Geoffery, means peaceful traveler. I like the tension between “peaceful”—the yearning to be at home with oneself and at home in the universe—and “traveler”—the desire to venture out, discover, explore, question.

It’s a tension I felt as a kid and still feel today. The characters in my stories also struggle with that.

My travels have taken me from New Mexico where I was born, to New York City, where I started writing stories for my three small children.

Life intervened, and to support the family, I began working on Madison Avenue as an advertising copywriter. Writing for children took a back seat.

Fast-forward three decades: my wife Sharon and I moved to Baltimore to be near our grown children and their children.

And I returned to writing children’s stories, but this time for my grandchildren, Ivy, Iris, Archer and Mirabel–my four amusing muses.

Speaking of “grand” people: in my writing, I like to imagine that I’m imitating both of my grandfathers in some small way.

Like my maternal grandfather, H. A. Williams, who was a miner in New Mexico, I mine folk tales, fairy tales and other ancient stories for their richness and inspiration.

And like my paternal grandfather, Andrew Jackson Moore, a blacksmith on the western frontier, I hammer and shape stories that I hope will spark the imagination and nurture a spirit of wonder.

If you are young, my stories are for you: I think about you every day as I’m writing.

If you were young once upon a time, I hope you will enjoy these stories as well and share them with the children you are lucky to know.

I certainly feel lucky to get to share them with you.

Peaceful travels,








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