A Lost Hippo, a Poetry-Spouting Parrot, and The Quest For The Wow

He was mysteriously abandoned at birth and raised by elephants. But now Hodgepodge the hippo must make a dangerous journey through the jungle to find his birth mother and find out why she left him–with a wise-cracking, poetry-spouting parrot named Krakatoa for his guide.

The Tale of Hodgepodge is a funny, action-packed, heart-lifting novel for ages 7-12. It’s about finding friendship, courage, and self-confidence—in the jungle, of all places. It’s about what can go right even when everything goes wrong.

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He’s spunky. He’s adventurous.
He wants to save the world.
There’s just one problem.
He’s a mosquito!

When war breaks out between the barnyard animals and the mosquitoes, the only one who can stop the war and save his family and even save Pickle Pond Farm–is Izzy Mosquito. But here’s the hitch: he’ll need help from the very animals who would rather swat him than look at him. And he only has one day!

Izzy’s Impossible Adventure is the hilarious, action-packed story of a tiny bug with a big heart who faces some very big problems. It’s a an upbeat novel for kids 7-12.